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US Residential delivers a reliably great apartment living experience through a simple philosophy: put people first.

Our Management Team


Tenacious. Driven. Strategic. Passionate. Accessible. These are just a few words that people use to describe US Residential President Stephanie Brock. In her role, Stephanie is responsible for the company’s operational, client satisfaction, growth and revenue objectives.

Creative and collaborative, Stephanie leverages her 30 years of multifamily expertise to build dynamic teams – and genuine relationships – to optimize performance and maximize the value of US Residential-managed assets. She leads by example, consistently challenging the status quo to connect strategy with solutions that advance performance and reputation.

Stephanie joined US Residential from Greystar Real Estate Partners – the largest third-party property management company in the country – where she served as Senior Managing Director for the company’s Central Mountain Division, comprising nearly 50,000 units in 18 states. Prior to Greystar’s acquisition of Riverstone Residential Group in 2014, she served as Riverstone’s Division President for the Central Region, which consisted of nearly 55,000 units. At Riverstone, Brock was responsible for opening and establishing seven new markets.

Stephanie’s real estate career was launched at Trammell Crow Residential, where she rose to the management ranks and led a successful effort to rebuild the organization’s market presence in Houston, Denver and Phoenix.


Ask anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Kelli Tomczak, and they’ll tell you that she is a patient, open-minded, and thorough leader, the kind of person who leverages opportunities and overcomes obstacles to improve and streamline company operations.

And those are good attributes to have in her role as Chief Administrative Officer at US Residential. In this position, Kelli oversees the critical behind-the-scenes functions that keep the company’s core functions running: accounting, treasury, information systems, compliance, risk management, marketing, revenue management, maintenance, and construction.

Kelli joined US Residential in 2017 from Resource Residential, where she served in a comparable role. In her 13 years with Resource, Kelli quickly became an integral part of the company’s leadership team first in accounting, then asset management, and property operations. Her broad exposure in these critical functions provides her with a deep understanding of the business from multiple facets. The result is a line-up of integrated and efficient support services that make life easier for everyone.

Kelli started her career as an auditor at boutique accounting firm Simonson, Lipshutz & Fogel P.C., where she gained valuable experience managing the auditing process from start to finish, once again giving her a full spectrum view into the business.


Mark Poston has a commanding presence about him, the kind that makes people want to take things up a notch, stand a little straighter, perform at a higher level. And it seems only fitting – after all, Mark is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and former U.S. Marine Corps Officer, a natural leader with the vision, tenacity, and discipline to build the teams and structure that deliver real results.

Mark most recently served as Chief Executive Officer of Resource Residential, a publicly traded REIT, where he lead his team through an extended period of rapid and expansive growth, which culminated with the company’s acquisition by US Residential in 2017. In his current leadership role at US Residential, Mark is leading the integration of the two companies into a fully aligned and focused real estate management company with unparalleled depth and breadth of services.

A nationally recognized leader known for creative strategies and impeccable business acumen that amplify performance, Mark brings significant Fortune 500 experience to US Residential, including senior executive roles at large, complex, multi-brand companies that include Baxter International, PepsiCo, Dollar Financial Group, Bennigan’s Grill & Tavern and ARAMARK.

Mark is a proud graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy.


With a passion for building great teams who deliver results for clients, Loyal Proffitt puts his 30 years of experience to work at US Residential, where he provides the leadership, management, and vision to ensure that the right people and systems are in place to ensure client success. A nationally recognized strategist known for his impeccable business acumen, Loyal has earned a reputation for his industry expertise, constructive and energetic leadership style, wicked sense of humor – and fresh, smart solutions that optimize performance, efficiencies, and revenues.

Loyal joined US Residential in 2015 to oversee the company’s day-to-day operations. Prior to joining US Residential, he served as Managing Director for Greystar overseeing the company’s South Central region. He began his property management career with Trammell Crow Residential in the 1980s, moving on to Equity Residential, where he for served 10 years playing an instrumental role in the company’s growth during the 1990’s and early 2000s. In 2003, Proffitt was a principal in a fee-management start-up, WaterStone Residential, with properties located in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and South Carolina. After selling his company to Henry S. Miller (HSM), he oversaw HSM’s apartment and commercial management operations until he joined Riverstone Residential in 2011.


Caydee McCormick is a people person, which is quite fitting given her leadership role as Chief People Officer at US Residential.

Whether it’s in the office or her personal life, Caydee McCormick is passionate about focusing on the experiences in life. Life is all about what you create, live, and experience. With over 20 years experience, she brings a passion for creating great teams and coaching people to their top potential to deliver on the US Residential brand promise.

The majority of Caydee’s career has been within the real estate industry. Prior to joining US Residential in 2015, Caydee served as Vice President of Human Resources at some real estate heavy hitters, including Monogram Residential Trust, Mill Creek Residential Trust and Trammell Crow Residential.

She focuses on maximizing organizational performance through development and implementation of proactive programs covering a wide variety of responsibilities. The comprehensive programs for the Company includes developing, evaluating, implementing, communicating, administering, and managing all facets of the people side of our business.


Deanne Wigley lives by a simple yet powerful motto: be of service to others. And she delivers. As the liaison between US Residential’s clients and the company’s various resource groups, Deanna is like a five-star corporate concierge – the person with all the connections, who can make a few calls and make things happen.

Deanna has been in the multifamily industry for over 24 years, where she built an impressive resume reflecting direct experience in accounting, auditing, systems training, financial analysis, due diligence, and property operations. Her commitment to serve others extends to her team, from whom she’s a guide and mentor, building a friendly and capable team of likable trouble-shooters.

Prior to joining US Residential, Deanna worked at Greystar, where she was responsible for the coordination and support of the due diligence process and the onboarding of properties and clients in the Central North Division. Prior to Greystar, she was an Operations Manager at Henry S. Miller; She also served as Director of Financial Services for Waterstone Residential. Prior to that, Deanna was with Equity Residential for more than a decade, with roles including senior accountant, regional support manager, property management, and budget analyst for the 25,000-unit Southwest region.

Deanna graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.


Amanda Zinsmeyer loves apartments. It started in college when a friend encouraged her to apply for a part-time leasing position at a Tramell Crow community. She did and got the job – and found she had quite the knack for training and marketing. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward 20 years or so and you’ll find Amanda leading US Residential’s national Education and Marketing groups, where she plays an up-front-and-center role in building the company’s people-first culture. Strategic, poised, and creative, Amanda has earned a reputation for creating and implementing innovative, large-scale, and integrated marketing and training programs that engage customers and advance reputation and performance.

Amanda joined US Residential in 2016 from Mill Creek Residential, where she was the Vice President of Learning and Development responsible for the start-up’s national training strategy. Prior to Mill Creek, she was with Grace Hill, where she worked with companies to develop custom online training curriculum. Prior to her tenure with Grace Hill, Amanda served as the Director of Marketing and Training for Behringer Harvard Residential where she and her team developed and implemented innovative marketing strategies, as well as in-person, online, and self-guided curriculum for property operations.


Renee Holloway isn’t the flashy type. But don’t let her low-key demeanor fool you. Renee leads a team of 34 associates to manage all aspects of the US Residential’s Accounting activities, from accounts payable to reporting, to budget management and data analysis. She may just be our best secret weapon.

With a steady and calm demeanor, Renee is known for her ability to put a plan into motion with clear objectives and deliverables. She’s known for her impeccable standards; clients know they’re going to receive a high-quality deliverable, on time and on budget.

Renee is an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in property management and corporate accounting. Prior to joining US Residential Group in 2014, she served as Senior Vice President – Corporate Accounting, for Greystar Real Estate Partners, where she held a national role managing company financials, budgets, data analysis, and accounting policies and procedures.

Renee started her career at Prentiss Properties, where she served for 13 years, rising to her role a Senior Controller, where she led the company’s property accounting, corporate accounting, and SEC reporting activities.


When it comes to managing affordable housing programs, there is no one finer than Jim Kosiara, our Vice President – Compliance. Leading a team of nine and serving more than 100 affordable communities managed by US Residential, Jim is responsible for the regulatory oversight of the national compliance team and affordable programs including Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), Bond, HOME, Section 8 Housing, Rural Development and HUD-insured assets. He works directly with HUD Project Managers, maintains the HUD APPS database and mitigates any flag violations on our clients’ behalf.

With more than 20 years experience, Jim and his team are on the front-end of new HUD business, including preparation all required HUD documentation, REACs & MORs, and inspection through close-out.

Prior to joining US Residential, Jim developed and managed the HUD Services program for six years at Greystar Real Estate Partners, which managed an affordable portfolio comprising 96 HUD FHA communities. Jim also oversaw the site readiness portion of the OneSite software conversion project at AIMCO and managed the company’s Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) program serving the elderly and persons with disabilities. Additionally, Jim managed the National Affordable Housing Management Association's (NAHMA) Community of Quality (COQ) program for three years and was a corporate partner achiever. Jim also helped establish nine Neighborhood Network Centers.

Jim is a National Center for Housing Management (NCHM) Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS) and Tax Credit Specialist (TCS). Jim also holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications along with a business cognate from the University of Northern Colorado.


Ed Quigley will tell you than in his 30-year real estate career, he has had the good fortune to work around some great mentors. During his tenure, he has learned that strong fundamentals, good relationships, and the ability to adapt are the keys to success in multifamily management.

With oversight of US Residential’s Western Region, totaling more than 10,000 units in four major markets, Ed brings an uncanny ability to spot opportunity and how things are going to develop. His ability to thrive in the face of change is a result of his solid background as a hands-on operator along with his continued curiosity and desire to learn. Never settling for the status quo, he’s often thinking about what’s next and how to make things better. People enjoy working with him because he’s not constrained by risk nor convention.

Ed joined US Residential shortly after the company’s inception in the early ‘90s. He quickly became an integral part of the company’s leadership team as it expanded first throughout the Western US and then Nationally. This broad exposure has provided a deep understanding of multifamily management and translates well as the company continues to maintain its entrepreneurial spirit while focusing on the fundamentals, our people and a growing platform of services.


Whether it’s at troubleshooting a resident issue, overseeing a complex renovation, mentoring an associate, or simply entertaining family and friends, Tracie Yoder brings her signature passion, motivation, and strong faith to everything she does. Her optimism is downright contagious and inspires those around her to take action. Her 27 years in the industry has afforded her hands-on experience at virtually every level of on-site operations, from leasing to portfolio operations. Her real-life ”I’ve been in your shoes” experience allows her to easily connect with others to maximize each interaction. Her inclusive leadership style makes her a go-to for brainstorming, mentoring, heading up new initiatives, or simply for friendship and for support.

Tracie joined US Residential in 2016 from Greystar Real Estate Partners, where she served as Managing Director in Houston, with responsibility for nearly 8,000 units. In addition, she had oversight of the Regional Maintenance, Construction Management, and Due Diligence teams, giving her even more depth and breadth.

Prior to Greystar, she was a Senior Vice President at Riverstone Residential, with oversight of operations in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Louisiana, comprising nearly 10,000 units. Previous positions included roles at some real estate heavy hitters, including The Finger Companies and Trammell Crow Residential, and Duddlesten Management, where she specialized in pre-development and lease-ups. In addition, Tracie has served on the Houston Apartment Association’s Board of Directors since 2012.


We don't throw around the term "black belt" that often, but when we do, we use it to describe Regional Vice President Lindsey Geitz. Yes, she manages a formidable portfolio totaling nearly 10,000 units in our Northeast and Mid-Atlantic markets. But it's her depth and breadth of experience encompassing virtually every aspect of property operations that gives her our black-belt ranking. This is a person who has been up close and personal with acquisitions, lease-ups, dispositions, renovations, and new construction at mid-rise, high-rise, garden-style, and mixed-use communities.

With nearly 20 years industry experience, Lindsey is sought out for her creative approach to problem-solving and inventive processes that advance asset and client performance and reputation. Ask anyone on her team and they'll tell you than Lindsey is dedicated, prepared and principled, a sharp thinker with smart solutions that create value through better execution. It may be her military background (she's a proud Army vet...Hooah!) or her personal drive to outperform competitors and the market, Lindsey is the kind of person who promises what she'll deliver and delivers what she promises.

Prior to joining US Residential in 2014, Lindsey served as a Senior Director for Greystar Partners, where she was responsible for operations and business development in the company's New York, New Jersey and Connecticut markets. Lindsey received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brewton Parker College in Mount Vernon, Georgia, has served as Vice President of the greater Hudson Valley Apartment Association.